The Value of Focus

I don’t know if it just me, but it seems like the opportunities to get distracted have multiplied. Things like the internet, which gives access to unbelievable amounts of research, can become a distraction by chasing one article after another – often getting “hooked” and off target. Or perhaps it’s social media and following the [...]

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Ready to Quit?

Starting any endeavor typically involves dealing with challenges. These can be mundane tasks, technical learning or just learning how to do something effectively and trying and re-trying until it works. Somewhere along the way we all feel like quitting. Quitting the activity or even the dream. This has happened to me numerous times. Most recently I [...]

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Keep Playing!

This past Memorial Day weekend our family did what many homeowners do to usher in the beginning of the warmer summer months.  We found ourselves pulling out the patio furniture, mowing the lawn, making repairs to our old shed, potting plants and we had the sore muscles to prove it.  At some point, though, we [...]

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My 7-Step Process to Plan for 2015

How do you want your life to look one year from now? Perhaps you are going through a life transition and want to navigate the journey wisely. Or maybe you just want 2015 to be better than 2014. Like many people, you probably have some area in life you want to improve so that you can [...]

Will you really have a Merry Christmas?

Busyness and distractions are the enemies of living with intention and purpose. We are heading into the time of year when busyness is probably at an all time high for most people. Perhaps you can identify with this experience. You create goals and you are clear on how you would like your day, week and [...]